Dresses£ from
Shorten/lengthen plain£15.00
Shorten with lining£20.00
Take in/let out£17.00
New zip£14.00
New zip invisible£16.00
Shorten straps£10.00
Shorten lined straps£13.50
Shorten cord straps£9.00

Skirts£ from
Shorten/Lengthen hem£13.00
Shorten with Lining£16.50
Shorten hem pleated£20.00
Take in/Let out waist£16.00
Taper 2 plain seams£18.00
Take in/out with a taper£28.00
Replace lining (fabric extra)£20.00
New zip plain£14.00
New zip invisible£16.00

Trousers/Jeans£ from
Shorten with tape£13.00
Take in/Let out£16.00
Taper - 2 plain seams£18.00
Taper - 4 plain seams£24.00
New zip plain£14.00
New zip Invisible£16.00
Re-hem 2 legs£8.00
New pockets (2)£30.00
Half pockets (2)£20.00

Shorten/Lengthen plain£13.00
Shoulder narrow£20.00
Shorten sleeves plain£10.00
Shorten sleeves with cuff£13.00
Take in sides armhole to hem£18.00
Shoulder lift£25.00
Shorten sleeves (vents and buttons)£25.00

Coats and Jacketsfrom
New zip (metal plastic or chunky zip)£25.00
Shorten sleeves with buttons and vents£25.00
Shorten sleeves£18.00
Take in with lining£30.00
Shoulder narrow£35.00
Take in sides and back£35.00
Collar Turn£20.00
New elastic cuffs£16.50
Reline ¾ length without sleeves£75.00
Full reline£90.00

Curtains (per meter)£ from
Take up from bottom unlined£8.00
Take up from top lined£12.00
Take up from bottom lined£15.00
To reduce the widthPOA